Professional Designations Available

Designation Annual Due
CII -Certified Construction Inspector $225.00
CCPM - Certified Construction Project Manager    $225.00
CCC - Certified Construction Consultant $225.00
      Any 2 Designations $235.00
      All 3 Designations $250.00
Affillate Member $195.00
Retired Member $95.00

CCI Certified Construction Inspector

When a loan is approved for a construction project, typically the funds are allocated and the contractor is paid in segments of “draws” according to a construction schedule. Before each draw can be released a Construction Inspector must verify that the percentage of construction completed agrees with the draw schedule.

CCPM Certified Construction Project Manager

Taking the Inspection duties one step further is the actual management of the construction project. The responsibilities are to ensure that the project is complete: approve and make draw payments (contractor and subcontractors), verify that construction meets architectural plans, monitor and ensure completed construction is on schedule and report to the client (lender, developer or similar party).

CCC Certified Construction Consultant

With many financial institutions, corporations, & the Government Agencies now realizing the need for a Construction Consultant, the Certified Construction Consultant designation recognizes those construction professionals with broad areas of construction expertise.

Affiliate Member

The Affiliate Member is a professional in a related field that wishes to have the benefits, discounts and information as a ACI member to assist them in their respective industry.


Retired status is reserved for those who still wish to have the benefits as a member but are not actively working in the field. Many times membership dues will be waived if the Retired Member wishes to assist as an advisor. Advisory members are called upon occasionally, due to their experience/expertise, to answer Industry related questions in their area.

Select your choice of professional Certification Designations and advance your career and business. Annual Membership dues are $215. Add $45 per additional professional designation.